Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do something good

Hi everyone
i just got sent this video and i think you should give it a watch. It a fund raising video to raise money for Medic Malawi.

watch this video and give some money to give a better future for these children.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paul smith

Paul smith has always been one of my favorite commercial designers. The first time i walked into the store in covent garden i fell in love with the stripes and the pastel colors. Me and my brother have always wanted a Paul smith suit and i have always wanted a Paul smith bag.

Paul Smith stores are not like other designer stores you dont real like the staff are looking down at your and making you want to leave. The stores are really homely and the staff are really nice and speak to you.

The Paul smith brand has so much to it with there top end deigns they show on the cat walk to there clothes in store, there accessories and they even have a really nice gift rang.

Paul smith jeans

This collection is always fun and youthful its embodies the Paul smith style and make is more youthful. This collection is still a safe collection in relation to other but its classy and its stylish.

The brand have even started a glasses range. They are really cool glasses and you can tell they are Paul smith.

Paul smith Bags

There are many bags but these two are my favorite bags that they are doing at the moment. I will be asking for the bag with the Paul smith mini in the woods for my birthday as its such a nice bag and its fun. The bags don't cost that much money they are around £200 a bag but its a good quality bag and it will last for years.

Paul smith Gifts

The Paul smith gifts are just a bit of fun they don;t cost a lot of money with the toothbrush at £5 and the pencils at £12 they are just a nice bit of a fun present to give to someone who loves Paul smith.
I have the green tooth brush i have never used it as i really like it and i wanted a Paul smith carrier bag i was only 15 when i brought it though.

Paul smith Teaming up

In recent years Paul smith have teamed up with many different people the brand has been getting involved with more artists in recent years.

Rob Ryan

This little team up has made got more people to see Rob Ryan's work. The little collection of work that Rob Ryan has done is really nice and shows his style of work really well and i hope it get more people talking about him.

Paul smith for Triumph

If you where going to spend a lot of money on the motorcycle then why not get a Paul smith triumph.

Paul smith for Evian

This is the most recent collaboration for the Paul smith brand. There is a little collection of Evian glass bottles. The bottle retail at about £3 and they are really nice bottles i when out and got my bottle on Wednesday. The bottle embodies the nature of the Paul smith brand, the bottles are just a bit of fun.

These bottles are a limited collection and they are only out till Christmas. They are only in selected stores such as Harvey Nic's.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wicked watches

When i comes to watches one there are to watches that come to mind a classic vintage Casio and Bell and Ross watch there two watches are my fav watches ever. The Casio Its been around for ages there are so many different Casio's you can get now we had the g shock from Casio but my fav ones have got to be the classic vintage gold and silver Casio's. These are the two Casio watches i have i love them so much and they are just the best ever. I wear the gold one more then the silver one as i like it better its more 80's. Even though ever one has cough on to the Casio loving i think they are well nice and every one should have one. Bell and ROSS

Well Bell and Ross watches have been hunting me for the last half a year they are so nice there adverts are in every magazine i read and there watches are just amazing but there are not cheap. The bell and ross watch i want is £3500 ouch i asked for it for Christmas and my birthday but no such luck.
The watches as so well made and they just look so sleek.

This is my favorite watch out of all of there watches its just so nice.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

todays hottest thing

This external hard drive is amazing. Phillip Stark is such a good designer he has teamed up with laCie to make a well nice hard drive that is affordable and it works with macs and PC this is such a nice product i really want one.
When a designer brings out a children s wear rang its always going to be hit or miss. It could be amazing or it could fall right on its little face. But we all knew that when John Paul Gaultier brought out his children s wear rang there would be no scraped knees just a lot of smiles as this collection is just amazing. The designer of this collection has captured the balls and the flare of the John Paul Gaultier label.

As you can see they have also pick the cutest kids to model this collection. It would be just brilliant if this was how all kids dressed.

There are some advertisements that are effective and work well but this has got to be the most effective advertisement i have ever seen.
You just sit down at the bus stop waiting you your buss and then u see that u are being weighed and u did not think you weighed that much. o best get down to fitness first and sign up for a membership. I no you do not really want to be addressed by you weight first thing when u are waiting for you buss in the morning but this has to be said its an amazing advert.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im loving alot of things today and there are alot of nice nice things that i like right now.

I'm really really really loving the Topman limited collections atm.
The best thing that is in this collection is defiantly the Grey zip up flight suit.

This is a really nice design and it is well tailored i can not wait to try it on and i have asked for tis for Christmas.

This brand whore has taken it to another level this bag is amazing i think we need to all get one this idea and start making our own designer bags.

Just came across this its amazing how nice would this be on a cold cold night.
i really really want one they most amazing thing ever man.