Thursday, November 12, 2009

todays hottest thing

This external hard drive is amazing. Phillip Stark is such a good designer he has teamed up with laCie to make a well nice hard drive that is affordable and it works with macs and PC this is such a nice product i really want one.
When a designer brings out a children s wear rang its always going to be hit or miss. It could be amazing or it could fall right on its little face. But we all knew that when John Paul Gaultier brought out his children s wear rang there would be no scraped knees just a lot of smiles as this collection is just amazing. The designer of this collection has captured the balls and the flare of the John Paul Gaultier label.

As you can see they have also pick the cutest kids to model this collection. It would be just brilliant if this was how all kids dressed.

There are some advertisements that are effective and work well but this has got to be the most effective advertisement i have ever seen.
You just sit down at the bus stop waiting you your buss and then u see that u are being weighed and u did not think you weighed that much. o best get down to fitness first and sign up for a membership. I no you do not really want to be addressed by you weight first thing when u are waiting for you buss in the morning but this has to be said its an amazing advert.

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