Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wicked watches

When i comes to watches one there are to watches that come to mind a classic vintage Casio and Bell and Ross watch there two watches are my fav watches ever. The Casio Its been around for ages there are so many different Casio's you can get now we had the g shock from Casio but my fav ones have got to be the classic vintage gold and silver Casio's. These are the two Casio watches i have i love them so much and they are just the best ever. I wear the gold one more then the silver one as i like it better its more 80's. Even though ever one has cough on to the Casio loving i think they are well nice and every one should have one. Bell and ROSS

Well Bell and Ross watches have been hunting me for the last half a year they are so nice there adverts are in every magazine i read and there watches are just amazing but there are not cheap. The bell and ross watch i want is £3500 ouch i asked for it for Christmas and my birthday but no such luck.
The watches as so well made and they just look so sleek.

This is my favorite watch out of all of there watches its just so nice.

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